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Top 10 Tips to Finding HR Consultant Jobs

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Initially it may sound a bit too courageous to go for a plan of HR consultancy and the fact that it can be an independent venture is also some times scary. But then a situation can be created where you get your first paying client but it would be very good only if you leave your former employer on a happy note. Usually you will find that employers like this idea since it would mean an expansion of access to you on their part. So now you can read the following tips by which you can convince your employer to re hire you as an HR consultant.

You must be honest about your goals of consulting

When it comes to quitting it would be a very good idea to offer your services to the company till the company finds someone to fill the void. But then do not be foolish to hide this fact that this is the way you want to devote some time for your consulting career which you wish in future.

Create awareness in the mind of employers about consultancy

Sell the concept to your old boss about re hiring you as an HR consultant. Explain it to her that it would become very easy for her to operate in this way. Explain how it would be cost effective on her part since she does not need to train someone for this.

Choose the right consulting project

First go for projects that can be completed within a time period of 6 to 9 weeks, and which can be completed outside the office as well. It should also give you a chance to show the kind of projects that you would like to do in future.

Avoid sharing your consultancy plans with your peers

No matter how close you are with your colleagues but at this point of time it is advisable to avoid discussing your plans.

Strike a discount on your consultancy services

Slight amount of discount would be effective enough for most thrifty employers as well. So to make them strike a deal, go for some amount of discount.

Provide a written consulting proposal

This is the best way when nothing else is working. If a plan is proposed in written format then there are chances that you will be taken seriously by your employer.

Assess your GPA

In case you are planning to apply as an HR consultant in any company, it would be a good idea to take a look at your GPA. A 3.5 GPA is considered good enough.

Be prepared to convince the firm about your abilities

You have to convince the firm that you are most suited for a job like this. You have all those talents which they are looking for.

Handle the estimation questions properly

If you are unsure whether they are asking estimation questions to you or not, you can simply ask them whether they want the answer in figures or they want a theoretical approach.

Always have some questions before leaving

This would make them take you as a sincere ardent worker.

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The Serious Job of Protecting Client Information

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6 Important Small Business Cyber Security Tips
Chances are, you think twice before entering your credit card information online to buy something, watch out for malicious links in emails and keep your PC updated against viruses, spyware and hackers.

However, how much thought do you put into your small business data security and protecting client information?

Hopefully a lot, because according to Microsoft: • An attacker resides within a network for an average of 146 days before detection • The average cost of a data breach to a business is $3.8 million • The total cost of cybercrime to the global community in 2016 was $500 billion • 63 percent of attacks are the result of compromised user passwords and usernames

As these threats continue to become more sophisticated, legislation must too. ]

In Canada, many government departments such as the Department of Justice, RCMP, Public Safety Canada and Global Affairs Canada work together with international, federal and provincial law enforcement agencies against cybercrime. That’s great, but you want to stop any potential attacks before your clients’ data security is breached!

And, if you’re thinking that your site is too small to appeal to hackers, think again. Sometimes a cybercriminal’s intention isn’t to gather sensitive content, but to relay spam emails from your server. Let’s use the example of a membership site for these small business cybersecurity tips.

A membership website has specific resources available for members who generally pay a one-time or recurring fee to get content such as videos, eBooks, articles or tutorials. My AMPLiFY! Business Academy is an example of this type of website. Because people are entering sensitive information such as email addresses, passwords and payment information to access my content, we need to be vigilant about how we keep them safe from online threats. (A secure site is also more likely to earn trust, which in turn can increase revenue.) To help safeguard your clients’ data security, I suggest that you:

1. Choose a reputable web host. Don’t just go for the cheapest! I compiled a list of web hosting providers that I recommend; you can view it here.

2. Install an SSL certificate on your site. This means having HTTPS vs. HTTP in the URL. This is the prefix to your web address, and the SSL provides additional security and makes it harder for hackers to access.

You can often add this service to your web hosting package for free, or for a small cost. An added bonus: a secure site can actually rank higher in Google.

3. As soon as you see a new software update, install it. Many membership sites are built in WordPress, which lets you simply click the ‘Update Now’ button. This helps keep cybercriminals from taking advantage of security flaws in older versions. Similarly, look for plugins to help manage online security. 4. Enforce complex passwords. Request or even demand that users create passwords with a combo of upper and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers. This will deter people from using ‘12345’ as a password. You can also install a plugin on your WordPress site that only gives someone a number of tries to log in to before they’re locked out. 5. Approve comments manually. Spammers love unattended comments! They can post links there that a) may drive traffic back to their site and b) may trick Google (however briefly) into thinking that their site has valuable content.

6. Clean up information that’s no longer relevant. Previous members, people who have cancelled, those who have completed your course… get rid of user info and payment info as often as you can. By following these small business cyber security tips, you can minimize the risk that your website is going to be targeted by scammers or cybercriminals.

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SAGWELL ZVI Powder exhibited at RemTEC Summit 2019

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RemTEC Summit 2019 takes place on February 26 to 28 local time, at the Colorado convention center in Denver, USA. Ms. Ren, the environmental technical specialist, and Ms. Zhang, the oversea sales of SAGWELL, attended the summit with Spherical Porous Iron Powder, UIF, Ni/Fe bimetal and other environmental remediation metal powder products.
During the three-day exhibition, dozens of customers came to ask for samples, including 16 soil remediation companies, 9 on-site technical service companies, 5 water treatment companies and 3 scientific research institutions.

As can be seen from the customer’s sample selection, our company’s ultra-fine iron powder UIF has a broad application prospect in the field of environmental remediation in the United States.

Our Fe/Ni bimetal has also received a lot of attention due to its high catalytic activity. A company focusing on drinking water purification and sewage treatment expressed great interest in bimetal in sewage treatment, and couldn’t wait to carry out the activity experiment at that time.

During the three-day exhibition, nearly 50KG of all kinds of our ultrafine metal powder sample has been sent. The patient and professional answers of our technical person have brought about more than ten potential customers. The follow-up work of sample testing is well underway.

About RemTEC Summit The RemTEC Summit delivers a truly unique platform focused on advancing the environmental science and remediation industry. It is the place where you can hear essential sources of information on technology, application and policy affecting contaminated site restoration field from the world’s leading experts within the academic, regulatory and environmental-consulting communities. Unlike most environmental conferences, RemTEC is focused on cost-effective site management and closure – not just theory and research.

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Adam Loeber New York Attorney

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Distinguished FBI Agent, Adam Loeber, Set to Receive the Steinberg French Award for Outstanding Contributions
New York City, NY (PRWeb) June 5, 2018 – After solving two missing children’s cases within the last year, Adam Loeber will receive the French Award for Outstanding Contributions at the 66th Annual Attorney General’s Awards Ceremony. This will be Loeber’s third recognition in the last nine years.

Last year, Loeber reopened two cold cases regarding two missing children. There had been no leads for the last 10 years and the children went missing over 11 years ago. After reopening the case, Loeber looked over the case details and started analyzing the evidence that was available. From there, he checked up on old leads and looked for new information. By using his analytical and observational skills, Loeber was able to analyze new and old evidence to come up with the children’s locations. Law enforcement found both children alive and they are now recovering at the New York State Hospital.

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Get Home like Comfort at Top-Rated Budget Hotel in Brandenburg KY

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For Immediate Release:
Brandenburg, Kentucky, March, 2019: Do you need a well-deserved break from your hectic schedule? Do you want to go on vacations, but don’t know where to go? Well, if you are planning to visit Kentucky, then visiting the city Brandenburg will be an idyllic destination. This place is an ideal destination for family travelers and for all those who want to enjoy their trip to the fullest.

If you are a budget conscious person, then you should book an affordable hotel in Brandenburg KY that offers a range of facilities. Quality Inn and Suites is a budget hotel Brandenburg Kentucky where you will find the value you wants and the comfort you deserve. Being one of the renowned Brandenburg KY hotels, they provide an exciting range of facilities to all the guests like free Wi-Fi, meeting space, in-room amenities includes microwaves, refrigerators, flat-screen televisions, coffee makers, breakfast, hair dryers and more.

When looking for a Brandenburg Riverfront Park hotel, a hotel near Louisville KY or looking for budget hotels near Turning Stone Casino NY, there is no better choice than the Quality Inn and Suites. They always appoint highly trained staffs who always strive to offer great service to every guest.

Staying at Brandenburg hotels KY is simply more affordable when you select Quality Inn and Suites. They give comfortable accommodation and excellent facilities to all the guests at the pocket-friendly prices. They are also your best option when you need a hotel where comfort and value provide convenience to restaurants, shopping and more.

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Hotel in Jacksonville Florida

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Book a Renowned Hotel in Jacksonville Florida to Have a Great Staying Experience
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Jacksonville, Florida, March, 2019: Accommodation being prime concern for voyagers plays key role in making a trip memorable for years to come. Jacksonville is one of the perfect destinations in Florida if you are seeking for a perfect family trip. If you are considering where to stay during the trip, then there is no need to worry as the place has no shortage of comfortable and reliable accommodation.

Knights Inn Jacksonville is one of the well-known and renowned hotels near Dix Ellis Trail Jacksonville that helps all the travelers to make their vacations enjoyable and super relaxing. Having been in the field for past many years, this hotel in Jacksonville Florida is the premium place for travelers who are on budget. This hotel in Jacksonville Florida is a place where you will feel right at home in simple, pleasant surroundings.

Their budget rooms are comfortable and equipped with all the basic necessities that you might need during your stay in the city. Amenities that this pet-friendly Jacksonville Baymeadows hotel features to enhance your stays include in-room microwaves and refrigerators as well as free Wi-Fi, an inviting outdoor pool and guest laundry facilities.

If you want a comfortable downtown Jacksonville FL hotel or hotels near EverBank Field Jacksonville, then you are searching in the right place. Knights Inn hotel is a smart idea sure to lead to good value, amazing comfort and the safest, most peaceful stay you can imagine. This JAX Airport hotel Jacksonville FL is known for providing contemporary amenities at the most affordable pricing.

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