Adam Loeber New York Attorney

Distinguished FBI Agent, Adam Loeber, Set to Receive the Steinberg French Award for Outstanding Contributions
New York City, NY (PRWeb) June 5, 2018 – After solving two missing children’s cases within the last year, Adam Loeber will receive the French Award for Outstanding Contributions at the 66th Annual Attorney General’s Awards Ceremony. This will be Loeber’s third recognition in the last nine years.

Last year, Loeber reopened two cold cases regarding two missing children. There had been no leads for the last 10 years and the children went missing over 11 years ago. After reopening the case, Loeber looked over the case details and started analyzing the evidence that was available. From there, he checked up on old leads and looked for new information. By using his analytical and observational skills, Loeber was able to analyze new and old evidence to come up with the children’s locations. Law enforcement found both children alive and they are now recovering at the New York State Hospital.

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