Top 10 Tips to Finding HR Consultant Jobs

Initially it may sound a bit too courageous to go for a plan of HR consultancy and the fact that it can be an independent venture is also some times scary. But then a situation can be created where you get your first paying client but it would be very good only if you leave your former employer on a happy note. Usually you will find that employers like this idea since it would mean an expansion of access to you on their part. So now you can read the following tips by which you can convince your employer to re hire you as an HR consultant.

You must be honest about your goals of consulting

When it comes to quitting it would be a very good idea to offer your services to the company till the company finds someone to fill the void. But then do not be foolish to hide this fact that this is the way you want to devote some time for your consulting career which you wish in future.

Create awareness in the mind of employers about consultancy

Sell the concept to your old boss about re hiring you as an HR consultant. Explain it to her that it would become very easy for her to operate in this way. Explain how it would be cost effective on her part since she does not need to train someone for this.

Choose the right consulting project

First go for projects that can be completed within a time period of 6 to 9 weeks, and which can be completed outside the office as well. It should also give you a chance to show the kind of projects that you would like to do in future.

Avoid sharing your consultancy plans with your peers

No matter how close you are with your colleagues but at this point of time it is advisable to avoid discussing your plans.

Strike a discount on your consultancy services

Slight amount of discount would be effective enough for most thrifty employers as well. So to make them strike a deal, go for some amount of discount.

Provide a written consulting proposal

This is the best way when nothing else is working. If a plan is proposed in written format then there are chances that you will be taken seriously by your employer.

Assess your GPA

In case you are planning to apply as an HR consultant in any company, it would be a good idea to take a look at your GPA. A 3.5 GPA is considered good enough.

Be prepared to convince the firm about your abilities

You have to convince the firm that you are most suited for a job like this. You have all those talents which they are looking for.

Handle the estimation questions properly

If you are unsure whether they are asking estimation questions to you or not, you can simply ask them whether they want the answer in figures or they want a theoretical approach.

Always have some questions before leaving

This would make them take you as a sincere ardent worker.

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